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Work Station Assessment (DSE)

A DSE assessment is an assessment of risks associated with the use of Display Screen Equipment (DSE) such as computers, laptops, tablets, and other display screens at work. Some workers may experience eye strain, upper limb problems, fatigue and back pain/musculoskeletal problems from improper/overuse of DSE equipment. The risk of these problems may be reduced/excluded by training employees in the safe use of DSE and ensuring safe workstations are provided.

In law, employers must ensure that DSE users are assessed. If there are 5 employees or more a written DSE assessment must be recorded. A DSE should cover an employee’s entire workstation and environment. This will include their work furniture – chair, desk, footrest etc, peripherals – mouse, keyboard, laptop, and environmental factors such as lighting, humidity, temperature, and noise levels. An employee is considered a DSE user if they spend at least an hour per day using a display screen (laptop, PC, smartphone, tablet etc). This includes employees that work in an office or at home/agile.

It is essential for anyone who uses display screen equipment as part of their job. This assessment should be completed on employment, periodically as per a company policy (we recommend every 2 years) and if there is a change to health. This assessment can be completed as a questionnaire following a training session (level 1 assessment) or with a clinician (level 2 assessment).

​When issues are identified on the questionnaire then a more in-depth workstation/ergonomic assessment may be required. This assessment can be performed remotely or face-to-face and will advise employers on any alternative equipment that may be required for their employees.

The Health & Safety Executive has produced a brief guide for employers/employees


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