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Pre-Employment Screening and Medicals

When recruiting new team members, all businesses want to ensure they have the right employees who are fit to perform the tasks required. Employers have a duty of care to employees to ensure that they, and their workplaces, are safe and healthy in line with health & safety obligations and equality law.

Pre-employment screening is undertaken following the offer of a role and prior to commencing employment. This can also be carried out for established employees who are changing roles within a company or if the tasks of their role change.

This is an important process that will assess candidates’ suitability for the role from a health perspective and helps prevention of work-related illness, injuries, and highlight any adjustments required for the candidates ensuring Equality Act (2010) compliance.

Please contact the team to see what provision suits your service. This may be a simple questionnaire which can be processed within 48 hours. If issues are identified, this may progress to a comprehensive questionnaire or telephone consultation.

Some roles will require a pre-employment medical, and this is often industry specific and an opportunity to take baseline health surveillance.

Depending on industry and role, periodic medicals may be required following this.

Examples of roles include:

    • Construction – Safety Critical Medicals
    • Roofers – Working at Height
    • Drivers – such as FLT, HGV, LGV

It is vital that all businesses review their industry-specific guidance, insurance policies, and health & safety guidance to ensure they are compliant.

Medicals may include but not be limited to:

  • Height/weight/BMI
  • Vision screening near/distance/colour/peripheral
  • BP/pulse
  • Spirometry (baseline health surveillance)
  • Audiology screen (baseline health surveillance)
  • Hand arm vibration (baseline health surveillance)
  • Drug & Alcohol tests.
  • Urinalysis
  • Musculoskeletal examination
  • Clinical history

Following the medical, a certificate is provided declaring fitness for the role.


Mr. Z:

Mr. Z, an office worker, applied for a role as an administrator in an accounting business. During the pre-employment process, it was highlighted that he had a past medical history including Fibromyalgia and Diabetes.

The Occupational Health Team were able to provide fitness for role with advice that included the requirement for a prompt DSE assessment to ensure adequate workstation, advice for the employer to have a risk assessment in place including a personal evacuation plan due to mobility issues and 1st floor office location.

The employee was given health promotional advice on managing diabetes and fibromyalgia symptoms in work (fatigue, widespread muscular pain) – regular variation to task to avoid sitting in static positions, regular scheduled breaks to administer medication and eat etc.

Mrs. O:

Mrs. O, a construction worker, applied for a role as a labourer in a roofing company. During the pre-employment process, it was highlighted that she had a past medical history including ongoing Meniere’s Disease with unstable symptoms including intermittent daily episodes of vertigo (loss of balance, dizziness, hearing issues, disorientation).

Given the role applied for, OH were unable to clear her medically fit for the task. The business was unable to hire her at this stage as it was unfeasible to manage these symptoms in a safety-critical environment. However, as OH had given timescales for symptom management, the employer was able to consider deferring Mrs. O’s application and asked her to return when symptoms were controlled.


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