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Alcohol and substance abuse at work has significant financial implications for employers each year, through the loss of productivity, increased sickness absence, and increased accidents. LCG Occupational Health Solutions Ltd offers drug and alcohol screening on employment, at random and for cause.

Our procedures ensure a strict chain of custody to ensure collection, processing, and storage are robust. Screening must be carried out properly to ensure samples cannot be contaminated or tampered with, and that testing procedures and analysis are accurate.

When positive samples are apparent we send for further testing with a laboratory holding UKAS 15189 accreditation.

Employees must consent to the test for practical and legal reasons, if the test is refused when an employer has adequate grounds for testing the employee may face disciplinary action if they do not participate.

LCG Offers the Following Types of Drug and Alcohol Testing:
  • Pre-Employment (safety-critical roles only)
  • Pre-Assessment Testing (for new employees)
  • Random Testing (company policy)
  • For Cause Testing (following an event)

Drug testing is a chain of custody urinalysis or saliva testing. Alcohol testing is done by breath analysis. Photographic identification is required for the test.

Before arranging drug and alcohol testing, you must ensure your business has an appropriate drug and alcohol policy/procedure in place. Should support with policy/procedure writing be required, please get in touch, and we can discuss your needs.

Counselling Support:

Should positive results occur LCG is able to arrange counseling and therapy support for employees if required.

Further Information:

For further information please review HSE and CIPD information on Managing Drug & Alcohol Misuse at Work


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